E V E N T S

T r i e s t e   (Italy)

18th - 22nd June 2016

Opening of the exhibit: East and West in the doctor Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière's Work

Saturday 18th June will take place the opening of the art exhibit „East and West in the doctor Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière’s Work“ in honour of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

The sociological and anthropological value in this wise artist’s painting work tries to unite the human experience of the development of history and the different aereas and traditions in the world, conveying a sense of union and intercultural approach, based on Tolerance through the comprehension and study of identity and different cultures ancient and modern call.

Introductive conference: East and West, two PEACE columns

 As part of the opening there will be a conference about the dialogue that East always kept with West towards peace and social progress.

East and west are not just only geographical references, but also ways of perceiving and concieving the world in which we are living. They represent two faces of the same coin, each one with its anthropologycal and sociological characteristics and the opposite psychologies.


Conference - Workshop: Knowledge Syntagma and Synthesis in doctor Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière's Work

Sunday 19th June, through the conference – workshop, we will try to identify the symbolic elements in doctor Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière’s painting work, that synthetise and comprehend other authors‘ establishments, works, ideas and thoughts in science, art, philosophy and misticism, in order to convey a teaching and a synthesis of universal knowledge.

 „Creativity has to offer as features inventiveness, innovation, renovation, change and reorganization of what is established, the development of new ideas, the widening of horizons, and also, the opening of unknown horizons, but always has to give life.“

- M. N. Cerf y J. M. Esborronda, Educación  para el Talento y la Paz.

Workshop: Presentation of didactic table game Pappamundi

Sunday 19th June there will be the presentation of the game Pappamundi,which was created by ELIC Foundation (Free Schools Of Scientific Research for Childhood). It is a colaborative game which form children to work in team, furthermore its didactic content teaches in a playful way about nutrition and the ecological factores related to it.

„ We have to start instilling in childhood love and respect for nature through study and activities according to its age, ecologic and preservative researches, truly as a researcher child.“

- M. N. Cerf y J. M. Esborronda, Educación para el Talento y la Paz

Simposium: New scientific methods with hunmanistic focus on medicine art

Tuesday 21st June, a symposium will be held, in which different scientific presenters will have a dialogue about doctor Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière’s establishments in medicine as an integral art, together with the actual discoveries in neurology, epigenetic, endocrinology, patology and diagnosis.

„A serene state is required to approach Knowledge; calmness has to be established from the beginning, the master ing of our body and soul before anything else, the physical health and the moral one as well. The body is generally cured without the spirit or the spirit is cured without the body; a just average has to be seeked, a balance.“

- S. R. de la Ferrière, Yug Yoga Yoghismo

End of the events: Artistic activity 

Wednesday 22nd June, end of the Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière‘ Centenary celebrating events, artistic and cultural act in tribute to his great humanistic work in favour of social progress.

„It is interesting that some of the French wise Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière’s work objectives and goals - he founded G.F.U. (today por antonomasia Magna Fraternitas Universalis) - in accordance with some proposals emanated by the English wise Julián Huxley, Unesco founder, in some ways,virtually meet as two gigantic figures in emphaty action, for what UNESCO meant for both“.

- D. J. Ferriz, El Retiro del Maestre