N   I   Z   A

 E V E N T S

N i c e   (France)

11th - 16th June 2016

Opening conference:

Art and Science Union, Tolerance basis

Saturday 11th June will be the opening of the activities in honour of doctor Serge Rayanud de la Ferière Centenary from his birth, with a conference about how the union of Art and Science allows us a wider tolerance in our social life.

 „I wish for humankind the most wide comprehension which can derive only from a greater tolerance. Only in this way men could have the cristhian‘s faith, hindu’s virtues, the buddhist’s integrity, the taoist’s knowledge, the muslim’s control and discipline, reaching a SYNTHESIS of all these conceptions.“

- S. R. de la Ferrière, Grandes Mensajes

Tribute to doctor Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière

Sunday 12th June Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière’s life and work will be commemorated as the humanist and artist that he was. 

From his thought five cultural, scientific and educative foundations emanated, they work for the social wellbeing and inspired many other movements and personalities. 

„ It is interesting that some of the French wise Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière’s work objectives and goals - he founded G.F.U. (today por antonomasia Magna Fraternitas Universalis) - in accordance with some proposals emanated by the English wise Julián Huxley, Unesco founder, in some ways,virtually meet as two gigantic figures in emphaty action, for what UNESCO meant for both“.

- D. J. Ferriz, El Retiro del Maestre

Opening of the Exhibit: East and West in Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière's Work.

Monday 13th June will be the opening of the aristic exhibit: East and West in Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière’s Work, celebrating 100 years from his birth.

The author presents in his works east and west as we traditionally understand them, but he also arises from the rigid patterns that we have, opening the perspective towards a different vision and moreover representing the union of past and future, of the antiquity and present, of present with a vision for the future.

Introductive conference: East and West, two columns of PEACE

As part of the opening there will be a conference about the dialogue that East always kept with West towards peace and social progress.

„ From East to West go to declare that tha Light will shine, Asia is Europe East, but Europe is America East therefore the New Era that rules in America doesn’t receive the Light directly from Asia, but in the western way, the European way, already in a way of synthesis (...) 

- D. J. Ferriz, El Retiro del Maestre

Conference: New methods for the Science of Humankind

 Monday 14th June, scientific , philosophical, artistic and didactic achivements, established in Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière’s 100 books, will be presented as new concepts and possible solutions for contemporary problems.

„ (...) this Great Work of G.F.U. (today por antonomasia Magna Fraternitas Universalis), which pursues as objective the science of well living, the art of an honourable existence with the program of approach among races, people and believes. Humankind is preparing for a better destiny with this search for a common Ideal for everybody.“

- S. R. de la Ferrière, Sus Circulares Tomo II